Photos are an important part of websites. But what can we do if we do not have photos of good quality? We all have a little helper in our pocket – our smartphone. There are tons of great apps which helps us to create awesome fotos without the cost of expensive photographers or stockphotos.

The problem and solution

In this example my customer gave me photos he shop by himself. The photos did not have the quality I needed for a good website which fits to my customers need. Stockphotos couldn’t be used because we needed original photos from the shop.

So the photos were o.k. but not as good as I wanted for my design. I remembered an article of a cool new app called App Prisma. This App ispired me to change the normal look of a picture into a drawing fine art picture.

Prisma is awesome and you will find a lot of different filters to transform your photo in something outstanding and unique for a webpage.


Made with prisma

In conclusion

This is one example for quick creative help. Me and my customer are happy with the site and the style fits to his shop and what he is doing. You do not need everytime an expert in photoshop or an expensive photographer. The app stores are full of great free or cheap apps which can help you create in minutes awesome creative content for your next design.

You can see this example here:

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