Every day we see awesome websites with great new animations and effects. Cool and great designs and possibilities are my inspiration for a new project. But sometimes we forget to concentrate on the main content – information.

Effects and Animtions as well as cool mouse-over effects are great to keep visitors on the site for longer time. But sometimes it is better to create a site fast and clean.

Do I get a better layout by using a lot of new effects?

Not really but to use new effects will help to create an unique stile. If I talk to colleagues most of them trying to create the next site better than the site before with more effects and more animations.

This brings me to the question why should I not create an easy simple layout with the focus of important content?

Important information

Before I start a layout I am thinking on what is important for the visitor. If you have a simple message like I have in my example it is better to concentrate on an easy layout to focus on the important needs. A visitor is visiting a site for some seconds or 2 minutes so I have a short timeframe to keep my audience informed. Sometimes it is better to create a site as simple as possible isntead of using complicated effects.

The Concept is the key

At the beginning of webdesign we need a concept and the content. What is the information, colors, typography. What is important. Most customers want to have a huge site with lots of information and we know that a big part of these information is not really what visitors will read.

I have seen this on my own project. I needed a new website for my musician site. This site should be awesome, cool, extraordinary, a lot of new effects etc. After I finished my planning I saw that this site will cost weeks to finish. Time I want to use creating music instead of programming.

So I went back to my desk and thought about a new design.

My new goal: A new site in less than some hours. I know who wants to hear my music is using soundcloud, iTunes, Amazon or Bandcamp. All sites my albums and music can be listen on and can be purchased. So I started to write down what is the most important information I want to show:

  1. Who is the musician?
  2. What kind of music I am doing?
  3. What should the visitor do?

The Answers:

  1. Renard Ventura
  2. Composer, electronic music, didgeridoo player, overtone singer
  3. People should listen my music and buy it.

I do not have any gigs this moment so this is the pure information I want to show up on my new site. A site with more effects will come later when my new album will be finished for promoting.

A new simple layout

The site is not finished yet but it will do a good job for the beginning. A little intro and information where people can listen and buy my music. And of course the new album I am working on. No biographie, pictures, videos or something else. May be later 🙂

A simple design with stil

I have a cool logo for the intro and to bring in more personality I used typographie which I think is very important. Thanks to all the page builders on the web which gives me great control on type and size.

In this status the site is more a helper to track people to the listen and buy buttons. Later I will create more informative content for promoting the new album but for now the site is working very well and is doing a perfect job. No one is thinking that this site is not finished.

I do not used any players because most people listen to iTunes, soundcloud, amazon or bandcamp so I placed beside a short info about the album all the important links.

What does this mean for me as a designer?

This project showed me that there are much more business. There are so many customers and jobs who need a simple informative site they can use to transport simple important information. So why do we not also focus on jobs we can handle in less than one day? The concept is the key so you get paid for.

Some more examples



This means not that we dismiss all effects and animations or sliders or parallax etc. A site with a great concept and nice features are great for visitors to stay in their head.

On the other site there are many customers and projects which can be built easy and fast and beautiful. A simple site is not uncool. Sometimes it makes sense to keep a site as simple as possible. And to work simple means also you can start easy learning your new website tool like divi or elementor or whatever you like.

A site needs not to be outstanding if the design is clean and well thought through.

Websites and visitors are fortunately unique and that is a great chance for us designers and developers. A standard site could also be awesome and unique without any new features or effects.

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